Charlton Recruitment Recruits 20 hard-to-fill roles for High Speed 2

Brief: Over the past few years Charlton Recruitment has recruited 20 hard to fill roles for High Speed 2  

The recruitment team at High Speed 2 have a very diverse skill set to recruit for the project. Most of the recruitment is able to be sourced from their own tradition recruitment activities and from programme delivery partners/consults working on the project. However, when these are exhausted High Speed 2 would turn to a small set of specialist agencies one being Charlton Recruitment.

Job Roles Charlton Recruitment Recruited for:  

• Technical Evidence Manager • Innovation Specialists • Requirement Engineer • Utilities Agent • Procurement Specialist • Rolling Stock • Senior Engineer

• Commercial Manager • Engineering Manager • Contracts & Procurement Manager • Configuration Manager • Head of Requirements • Project Manager  


Filling very hard to fill roles, some of which from outside of the construction / infrastructure industry within tight deadlines.  

Charlton Recruitment

How was Charlton Recruitment able to deliver  

By employing work class 21st century digital strategies Charlton Recruitment mapped the market for the niche specialism, such as Requirements Engineers with Rail Experience. Then we employed automated 24/7 digital talent search systems to reach out talent pool. These methods alongside knowing High Speed 2 the project and the role requirements inside out have allowed us to recruit over 20 difficult to fill roles for High Speed 2.

References / Testimonials  

Sample of Candidate Testimonial who have been recruited onto High Speed 2  

Massimo Santi – Interim Head of Requirements  

“I have worked with Andy for two years and I would certainly recommend his services. A very professional person and business that provided a timely support to me and my limited company. Thank you, Andy, and thank you Charlton Recruitment.”  

Adam Harvey – Configuration Manager  

Andy is a proactive, detail driven go-getter: he is able to acquire and propose the right skills and talent to fill the most demanding positions. His experience in the business has equipped Andy to recognise the right skills and realise the right candidates.  

Maninder Hothi – Utilities Coordinator Lead  

My experience of working with Andy was exceptional. From initial contact until he successfully placed me into High Speed 2, he consistently supported me and provided me with good advice and orientation. He was available at any time or day during all the selection process. Highly recommended  


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