How did Charlton Recruitment place 21 BIM Engineers at 1 company?

Charlton Recruitment Recruits 21 permanent Digital Engineers for Bylor (Bouygues Construction & Laing O’Rourke JV) on the Hinkley Point Project in 12 month  

Brief: Recruit in excess of 20 digital engineers for Hinkley Point over 12 months  

Paul Walker, Digital Engineering Lead HPC Hinkley Point C) needed to build a large team of Digital/BIM Engineers to cover a number of disciplines and job roles working on the £2bn New Build of Hinkley Point Power Station. Typically recruiting 6 people every 3 to 4 months to build the team up and allow them to integrate them into the BIM Team.  

Job Roles Charlton Recruitment Recruited for:  

  • BIM Modellers  
  • BIM Coordinators / Managers 
  • BIM Engineers 
  • BIM Computer Programmers 
  • IT Integrators  

Challenge Digital Engineers (BIM) professionals are in very high demand throughout the country, there isn’t enough in the South West to cater for the project requirements and with lodge not being offered we had to get people to relocate to the area. Bylor JV was in complete reliance to external recruitment as only 3 of the team came from the parent companies, therefore, the risk to the programme and the entire project was huge if Charlton Recruitment did not deliver, therefore, business critical.  

Charlton Recruitment

How was Charlton Recruitment able to deliver  

By employing world class 21st century digital strategies Charlton Recruitment mapped the entire Digital Engineer / BIM talent pool in the UK, which located more than 96% of BIM candidates in the UK. Then we employed automated 24/7 digital talent search systems to reach out to the BIM talent pool. These methods alongside knowing Bylor JV, the project and the role requirements inside out have allowed CR to recruit 21 digital engineers for the Hinkley Point Project in 12 months. Of the BIM professional placed only 1 was released after there probationary period which we swiftly replaced.  

References / Testimonials  

Bylor - Paul Walker - Digital Engineering Lead HPC and Hiring Manager  

"Andy Bourne of Charlton recruitment has been vital in building the DE team for the Hinkley Point project. He has successfully placed over 20 full time Digital engineers with us who are now fully integrated members of our team. The project will be continually recruiting over the next few years and we hope to continue the good relationship we have built with Andy and Charlton recruitment."  

Sample of Candidate Testimonial Who have been Recruited onto Hinkley Point  

Shaun Bopp - Digital Engineer  

“Andy is the best recruiter that I have ever met! He helped me get a job within 2 weeks of my first meeting with him. He provided me with resources that helped me gain a greater insight into the job I applied for. Which in turn made the interview easier as I knew a lot about the job I was applying for. Andy provided me with an incredible service. For a reliable, considerate service, with a recruiter who genuinely cares about your application, I would look no further than Andy Bourne. Highly recommended.”  

Andre Lima – Ass Digital Engineer  

"From what I am concerned, Andy is a very good professional. Very nice person which quickly found me a position in a big company much faster than I expected. All the best Andy!"  

Anthony Martin – Lead Digital Engineer  

"Andy contacted me with a job opportunity. Andy clearly outlined the job opportunity to me and provided excellent advice on where I needed to adjust my CV and areas to research in preparation for the interview process. I was offered the position within this organisation and I'm thoroughly enjoying my new role.  

We all get contacted by recruitment agents multiple times and in my experience many are not providing a quality service. Andy is a first-class recruitment agent and I would fully recommend his services, whether you are looking for a new position or looking to recruit within your business."  

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